User Interface and Website Redesign

Project Description:

The UXD program at Kent State University is dire need of their own website under the IAKM umbrella. One component of that new website will be a Course Progress Tracker. The tracker consisted of designing a digital application that would allow students to track their academic progress through a web interface.

For too long students in the IAKM program have struggled to understand their academic program and their progress. When they do finally figure it out the old website and system also seemed to always be using out-of-date information. A new website with better user flows and a Course Progress Tracker has been identified by the department as a necessity through user research but they didn’t know where or how to start project. They turned to their own UX students in hopes of kicking off the redesign project.

I started with a competitive analysis of two similar academic program websites around the country. A content inventory and initial concept map was developed and wireframes were created all to start the project in the right direction.


Tools Used:

  • Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
  • Google Docs and Drawing application
  • Sketchbook
  • Adobe Photoshop

Formative Work: