Online Retail UI and IA

Project Description:

This project consisted of designing a new online retail website that is a direct competitor of Home Depot and Lowe’s online retail stores. The project included a specific focus on the information architecture and user interface of the new website along with user research. I worked with a small team of fellow students to complete this project over several weeks.

Optimal Workshop’s Tree Jack Test was performed on Home Depot to assess the best possible IA for online retail sales. The project also included extensive competitor analysis and both bottom-up and top-down IA was considered and documented. A sampling of both formative sketching and final deliverables are documented below.




  • Discovery Report (PDF):
    • Context Brief
    • Audience Profiles (5 User Personas)
    • IA Evaluation
    • Common Use Case Scenarios and Tasks
  • TreeJack Analysis (PDF)
  • Blueprint IA
  •  UI Wireframes:
    • Homepage (including main navigation)
    • Search results page
    • Category/Node page
    • Individual Product page


Tools Used:

  • Tree Jack Test (Used to determine navigation IA. Similar to a card sort.)
  • Click Test
  • Google Drive (Docs and Drawing applications: Used to create deliverables with a distributed team around the country.)
  • Sketchbook
  • Sticky notes

Formative Work:

  • Iterative Design Sketches
  • Competitor Analysis