Non-Profit Website Redesign

Project Description:

One of Ohio’s largest non-profit’s came to me to re-design their website that hadn’t been touched since 2007. Through this process I learned that non-profits of all shapes and sizes don’t have the resources or the time they need to do their job well. Yes they care for people in ways the rest of the business world does not or cannot and yes there are many dedicated and caring people in the field, but they lack essential resources. A website is at the top of that list of needed essential resources.

This project took several months of familiarizing myself with the organization’s business structure, it’s programs, and it’s services.  This process included an employee questionnaire and many employee/user interviews which led to a new and well structured information architecture and website redesign.

Communication between the CEO, their upper management team and myself was on a regular basis (typically weekly) that consisted of progress reports, iterative design sessions and stakeholder feedback.

Business Needs & Goals:

  • A consistently up-to-date website that was simple for their HR department to edit on a regular basis
  • A streamlined way to communicate with the public about upcoming events
  • A community announcements and the ability to receive online donations
  • A website that wasn’t flashy or expensive looking but functioned flawlessly (They didn’t want to be perceived by the communities they serve that they spent a lot of money on their website. They are in the business of helping people not spending money needlessly.)

To meet those needs I designed and developed a website using WordPress CMS for their staff to easily edit and update the constantly changing content. See user needs and & wants for how the other business needs were met.

End-User Needs & Wants:

  • The ability to donate online without worry of identity theft.
  • Quickly and easily find contact and important information for their staff and 30+ programs all over Ohio
  • Know what events are coming up and how to support specific programs through donations and volunteerism

To meet these user needs I integrated a seamless UI for online donations that used a secure and well-known online donation system. An events calendar was used to manage and communicate about upcoming and important events.


  • Employee Questionnaire
  • User Research
  • Wireframes:
    • Home page
    • Multi-use content page
    • Individual Program content page
  • WordPress CMS Website:

Tools Used:

  • Axure Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver
  • WordPress
  • Coda
  • FileZilla
  • Sketchbook
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word