Hotel User Research and Improved UX

Project Description:

This project involves Marriott’s digital properties. In general the company knows that their products are lacking an outstanding user experience. My team of fellow UX students and I were tasked with improving the user experience of Marriott’s digital properties ( and mobile app). The project began with a Nano Usability Test to determine the state of the properties and to guide us into our next steps.

The initial redesign project started without any time or budget dedicated to user research. Using the Nano Usability Test results I communicated to project stakeholders the value and necessity of adding User Research to the re-design via a formal request memo. Once that request was granted user research goals were defined by combining Marriott’s business goals and user needs based on the user questionnaire and user interviews. User interviews were conducted and recorded for future use. The final report includes tests and user information analysis to present research findings and next steps.




  • Nano Usability Test
  • A formal request for user research to be included in the project
  • User Questionnaire
  • User Interviews
  • User Research Goals (including specific questions)
  • Research Findings Report

Tools Used:

  • Video Camera (for recording user interviews)
  • iMovie (for editing video)
  • Sketchbook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Keynote
  • Google + (for screen sharing during the nano usability test)